Frequently Asked Questions

What is your payment policy upon booking?

We require a $1,000 deposit upon booking, with the remaining balance divided into equal (interest free) monthly payments. Your final monthly installment would be due 30 days prior to your event date.

How early can I arrive at the venue the day of my event?

You may enter the facilities up to 5 hours prior to the scheduled start time of your event in order to hold a rehearsal, get ready, decorate and prepare for the festivities. There will be no access to the venue prior to this on the day of your event.

How many hours do I have the venue for my event?

Your event itself is 5 hours in duration, and begins at the pre-determined scheduled start time as provided to Rustic Rose by you (the Client). An additional hour (a maximum of one) can be purchased, but all events MUST end by 11pm (12am for events scheduled during DST), regardless.

Can I come in on another day prior to my scheduled event date in order to hold a rehearsal or decorate?

Unfortunately, no.  If you would like to hold a rehearsal for your ceremony at the venue or decorate for your event, it MUST be done the day of your event. We maintain a full schedule throughout each week consisting of tours, walk throughs, photo shoots, building maintenance, events and other appointments and simply cannot guarantee access to the facilities prior to the date you reserved.

How many guests can Rustic Rose accommodate?

We can accommodate 225 guests comfortably.

Can I bring my own vendors?

While we have some amazing recommendations on our Preferred Vendors List, you are absolutely allowed to use whatever vendors you’d like.

Is there a charge to use the bar?

There is no charge to open the bar.  We include the bartender, cups and ice in our packages.  You are allowed to supply whatever type of alcohol and mixers you’d like to have at your event, but it must be served from behind the bar by the Rustic Rose provided bartender.

Do you require Event Security?

If you will be having alcohol served at your event, yes. We will supply Event Security at a charge of $350, which will be added to the total price of your event upon booking.

Are you pet friendly?

We love animals at Rustic Rose and wouldn’t dream of not allowing your furry family-member to be a part of your big day, but they must be controlled at all times.

Do you allow sparklers?

Yes, sparklers are allowed and they look amazing in photos!